3Dmass emphasis on high quality workmanship to provide an exceptional level of service to represent a wide array of artistic views, from an idea on paper to a 3D print brought to life.

Ideation an essential part of the design process, where an idea, be it, visual, concrete or abstract is transformed into reality through technology. 3Dmass has the experience, skill, and creative services to assist with the visualization of your idea to make it a reality

® Sketching freehand illustrations
® Photo realistic renderings
® Graphic design
® Packaging design
® Digital modeling

Design is the decision-making process of devising a system, components, or process to meet a satisfied objective. 3Dmass has the knowledge, background and resources to meet your stated objectives. We work in partnership with our clients to provide trusted design solutions that work and meet their needs.

® Sketching freehand illustrations
® Concept development
® Product development
® CAD modeling & Class A surfacing
® Electronic signs
® Custom props
® Lighting effects

Engineering is the creative application of science and mathematics to design or develop structures, machines, manufacturing processes, and/or the manufacture of complex products. 3Dmass provides a complete range of services needed to conceptualize, design, engineer and construct projects to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

® Sketching freehand illustrations
® Mechanical engineering
® Reverse engineering
® Structural engineering
® Electronic engineering

Manufacturing involves the creation and operation of the technical and economic processes that convert raw materials, energy, and purchased items into end products for our clients. We have the ability to handle virtually any manufacturing project from prototype development through full production runs.

® 5-axis high temp foam
® Precision aluminum parts
® Concept models
® Metal fabrication
® Animatronics
® Theatrical property Props
® Prototypes
® Short run production

3D Scanning
Laser Cutting
3D Printing
Class A Surfacing
Digital Modeling